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An amazing data base of documented records for more than 4,000 episodes of Tritiyo Matra - the Political Talk Show on Channel i Bangladesh, which has been continuing its telecast everyday for almost 8 years now. The first ever talk show to be also reproduced on the internet... this is not just a database - but also is a Chronological Tale of Bangladesh!

Episode No. Program Date Topic Guests Duration (H:M:S) Host Comments
1241 December 08, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Mohammad Fazlul Azim, Mr. Professor Dr. M. Sirajul Akbar 00:56:56 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1240 December 07, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Kalim Uddin Ahmad Milon, Mr. Sadek Siddique 00:56:25 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1239 December 06, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. A. H. Mofazzal Karim, Mr. A. F. M. Fakrul Islam Munshi 00:55:05 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1238 December 05, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Foiz Ahmed, Mr. Dr. Asif Nazrul 00:58:07 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1237 December 04, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Advocate Nitai Roy Chowdhury, Mr. Alamgir Kabir 00:58:05 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1236 December 03, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Major Gen. A M S A Ameen (Retd.), Mr. Dr. Ferdous Ahmad Koraisi 00:57:17 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1235 December 02, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Dr. M. Ataur Rahman, Mr. Dr. Saadat Husain 00:57:24 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1234 December 01, 2006 Stay Order of Verdict on Chief Advisor’s Writ Application Mr. Barrister Mainul Hossain, Mr. Dr. Daebopriyo Bhattacharya 00:53:37 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1233 November 30, 2006 Draft Proposal of Dr. Yunus for Peace in the Country Mr. Shajahan Khan, Mr. Major Mohd. Akhtaruzzaman (Retd.) 00:57:18 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1232 November 29, 2006 Expelled of G M Quader and Formed a New Party Mr. G M Quader, Mr. Shawkat Mahmood 00:56:52 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1231 November 28, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Md. Nazimuddin Alam, Mr. Lt. Col. Muhd. Faruk Khan (Retd.) 00:58:54 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1230 November 27, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury, Mr. A K M Ruhul Amin 00:58:20 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1229 November 26, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Dr. M. Osman Faruk, Mr. Sheikh Shahidul Islam 00:57:10 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1228 November 25, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Barrister Rokon Uddin Mahmood, Mr. Dr. M Zahir 01:00:55 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1227 November 24, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Barrister Nazmul Huda, Mr. Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley 00:52:04 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1226 November 23, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Brg. Gen. M Sakhawat Hussain (Rtd.), Mr. A S M Abdur Rob 01:00:40 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1225 November 22, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Advocate Nitai Roy Chowdhury, Mr. Md. Tajul Islam Chowdhury 00:56:24 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1224 November 21, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal, Mr. Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak 00:58:25 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1223 November 20, 2006 Development Economics & Commerce Mr. Dr. Mustafizur Rahman, Mr. Abdul Haque 00:56:55 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video
1222 November 19, 2006 Current Affairs Mr. Professor Abdul Mannan, Mr. Golam Sarowar Millon 00:58:31 Mr. Zillur Rahman Video

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