Tritiyo Matra into 9th Year

Tritiyo Matra, the award winning television talk-show on channel i by Zillur Rahman, has stepped into the 9th year of successful telecast on July 17 2011, Sunday. On this occasion, Tritiyo Matra team would like to congratulate and thank all their viewers, friends, admirers, supporters, contributors and motivators, for whom they could come this far.

Tritiyo Matra means a 3rd dimension. On July 17, 2003 Tritiyo Matra with its first telecast truly introduced a new dimensionto the socio political mindset of the nation, by offering a neutral ground for open discussions, constructive criticisms and dialogues between the social leaders, intellectuals, politicians and bureaucrats of the nation; and made it possible for the general people to watch them closely how they act, react, discuss and defend their ideologies, opinions or stand-points when exposed and being questioned by their oppositions. It created a huge impact by generating tremendous awareness amongst the mass about their country’s politics and socio-economic situations that enabled them to better judge the existing leadership and developed their strong view points about betterment of this nation. And since then, Tritiyo Matra has never stopped asking

questions to the country's leadership for accountability, transparency and consistency of their speech and deeds, by playing a moderator’s role which represents an honest, curious and fearless voice "of the people, by the people and for the people" – ensuring democracy in its true meaning. The journey has not been easy, and never in all those 3,000 days, but we at Tritiyo Matra decided not to give up, or let loose in our efforts, so we never took a break or rested, not even for a single day and operated 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 365 days a year for the last 9 years. Otherwise we would not be able to broadcast more than Three Thousand (3,000+) Episodes till date!

This year on the occasion of celebrating its 8th anniversary, this achievement will become more meaningful, as Tritiyo Matra authority wishes to announce launch of their latest development initiative, the official web portal of Tritiyo Matra titled ‘Tritiyo Matra Online’ available at the domain which is an extensive online version of the program for all its viewers and admirers around the world.

Starting with a rejuvenated name and slogan “Tritiyo Matra Online – your opinion sharing platform” the site’s objective is to develop and sustain a web based community, to serve as a common accessible platform for open discussions, information exchange and opinion sharing by all Bangladeshi citizens, living home or abroad, with the following key features-

1. The website shall be a valuable information source with fact records; news updates, pictorial and audio-visual content from historically important episodes of Tritiyo Matra (Video, Photograph, Documentation and Archive). It also aims to serve as a common space for receiving, reading, reviewing or discussing news and current affairs from multiple sources.

2. It shall retain and gradually publish authentic public profile of all its Guests including hundreds of VIPs which makes it a common reference point for all.

3. Registered members of the site shall enjoy truly remarkable and world class benefits including Space for Profile, Photo, Audio, Video and Document sharing, E-mailing, Instant Messaging, Article Publishing, Blogging, Social and Professional Networking and a whole lot more… all free and attached to a single User Login.

4. Members shall be able to interact with other members and guests that include VIPs, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Intellectuals, Entrepreneurs, Economists, Businessmen, Journalists, Media Celebrities and its Hosts, Supporters, Friends, Partners and Patrons etc.

5. The site will provide Article Posting, Publishing and Promotional support to the members who are into regular habit of writing and sharing.

For more information and experience of this amazing site, we request all our viewers to login to and join our efforts to construct the future together.