About Tritiyo Matrai Apni

Tritiyo Matra has a separate feed-back show named Tritiyo Matrai Apni ("You in Tritiyo Matra") where written feedbacks and queries from its viewers are addressed directly. The viewers and enthusiasts of Tritiyo Matra can send their likes/ dislikes, comments, queries or preferences about the program in the form of letters or e-mails and watch them being answered on the show. Tritiyo Matrai Apni is telecast in Channel i on every Thursday at 2 am & 12:05 pm and Friday at 2 am & 12:30 pm. This feedback show is hosted by Zillur Rahman & directed by Fahmida Haq.

You can e-mail your letters and feed-backs about Tritiyo Matra to :  [email protected]