‘AL, BNP should practise democracy’

The two major parties of the country - Awami League and BNP - should exercise democracy for their own democratic interest, otherwise it will result in a serous consequence which no one expects, said ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader, secretary general of Jatiya Party (Ershad).Ruhul came up with the view while attending a talk show titled ‘Tritio Matra’ on a private television, Channel I, Friday night. The programme was moderated by Zillur Rahman.

The moderator asked the discussant if Jatiya Party is now in grand alliance.In reply, ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader said: “We are with grand alliance led by Awami League for the last four years and were engaged in movement with them. GM Qader had been appointed as a minister since the present government was formed. Only people can say how much scope Jatiya Party got to contribute to the government. The party chairman HM Ershad raised many issues simply for the betterment of the country. Despite having an attachment with the grand alliance government, he is always a vocal critic of the ruling party. He tried to draw the prime minister’s attention in regard to many unexpected incidents in the country like share scam. He not only raised his voice but also provided solutions to those.In terms of another query by the moderator, the secretary general of the party said: “We cannot bow down our head to any individual or any organisation, nor can we accept any decision subjected to us by others. The party chairman will see to it, and take decision properly when required, considering the betterment of the country. We are not facing any criticism as we raised our voice truly. We are trying to spot the errors of the grand alliance. The grand alliance government has done many good tasks. We only criticised what the government fails to do. What has been happening in the educational institutions across the country is unexpected. We will form a human chain on next 31st against the turmoil and social degradation.”

“Why are we in grand alliance? he posed a question, adding that the party chairman is ready, if necessary, to break ties with the grand alliance.”Ruhul said Ershad has urged all to keep trust in him. He will take decision when it is right time as people again want to see him in power.Ruhul Amin said Jatiya Party wants another chance to come to power and if the party assumes power, it will take steps to start the construction of the Padma Bridge within three months and finish the task within 18 months.

The party chairman has the ability to do so, because he had built many bridges like Buriganga bridge, Doudkandi bridge, Shamvukundu bridge and Kamarkhali bridge. Even the party chairman had started the construction work of Jamuna bridge, and later, it was completed by the two successive governments. The major thoroughfares across the city were constructed during the Jatiya Party tenure.In reply to the query of the moderator that Jatiya Party is not noticed to have involved in the coordinated efforts with the grand alliance, the leader said the decision of any party’s involvement rests on the prime minister as she is the head of the government.Regarding the election issue, Ruhul Amin said: “We are also planning to vie for the general election alone without being allied to any party as we have popular support.”

Source: daily sun, Sunday 27 january 2013