At least six killed in Attack on poultry farm in Mexico

AT least six people were killed and two others wounded Saturday in a gun attack on workers at a chicken farm..

Thousands of protesters want action on US gun violence

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in the United States on Saturday to push for action on the devastating..

China promises keep fighting against Taiwan’s freedom

China will ‘fight to the very end’ to stop Taiwanese independence, the country’s defence minister vowed Sunday,

How Washington turns the Pacific into a theatre

IN APRIL, at a press conference in Poland, the US secretary of defence Austin Lloyd openly declared that the core US..

Summit of Americas: isn’t it a dud?

THE empire went to assert its position in the Latin America. But it has flopped. The CNN made the headline: ‘Snubs,

United States blasts China’s ‘provocative’ activities near Taiwan

United States defence secretary Lloyd Austin Saturday blasted China’s ‘provocative, destabilising’ military activity near Taiwan,

Biden vows to work with other American nations on migrant issue

United States president Joe Biden on Friday led a pledge by 20 nations in the Americas to work together on migration,

Ex-German chancellor Merkel defends her pro-Russia policy

Former German chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday defended her years-long policy of detente towards Moscow,

At least 10 people killed in Iran train derailment

At least 10 people were killed in central Iran on Wednesday as a train derailed near Tabas on the line between..

Ghani unlikely to have fled Kabul with millions in cash: SIGAR

Former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani almost certainly did not flee Kabul as it fell to the Taliban with millions..