US lawmakers clash over Joe Biden’s handling of Chinese balloon

Republicans savaged US president Joe Biden on Sunday over his handling of a suspected Chinese spy balloon,

US shooting down balloon ‘damaged’ relations: China

US decision to shoot down a Chinese balloon that Beijing claimed had veered off course has ‘seriously impacted..

Seven Israelis killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack by Palestinian

A Palestinian gunman killed seven people outside an east Jerusalem synagogue during the Jewish Sabbath on Friday,

Tesla head Elon Musk meets with White House officials

Tesla head Elon Musk met with senior White House officials on Friday to discuss the Biden administration’s ..

Nobel laureate Maria Ressa of Philippines acquitted of tax evasion

Philippine Nobel laureate Maria Ressa and her online media company Rappler were on Wednesday acquitted of all four charges..

Russia replaces military commander in Ukraine again

Russia has again replaced its top commander in Ukraine, putting army chief of staff Valery Gerasimov..

Canada imposes ban on most foreigners from buying homes

A ban on foreigners buying residential property in Canada took effect on Sunday, aiming to make more homes..

Israeli strike on Damascus airport kills 4 fighters

The Israeli army carried out a missile strike on Damascus International Airport on Monday that killed four people,

14 killed in armed attack on Mexican prison

Gunmen attacked a prison in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez on Sunday, leaving 14 people dead..

Donald Trump should never hold office again: US insurrection report

Donald Trump should never be allowed to run for public office again after inciting an insurrection, lawmakers..