Indian Supreme Court frees leading Muslim journalist

India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to a leading Muslim journalist who was arrested last month..

Ukraine’s Zelensky sacks 2 top officials as EU mulls Russia sanctions

Ukraine faced new turmoil on Sunday with president Volodymyr Zelensky announcing he sacked his top two law enforcement..

Biden meets Saudi crown prince seen as undermining rights pledges

It took less than 24 hours in Saudi Arabia for United States president Joe Biden to tarnish an image he has long..

Global Covid cases surge past 567 million

The overall number of Covid cases has surged past 567 million across the globe amid a rise in new infections..

Rape of 10-year-old jolts United States abortion debate

Ohio police have confirmed a 10-year-old rape victim crossed state lines to terminate her pregnancy,

Sri Lanka’s anti-government demonstrators in talks to end occupation

Sri Lanka’s anti-government demonstrators were in talks Thursday to hand back official buildings they seized,

IMF agrees with Pakistan to resume $1.17 billion loan programme

The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday that it had agreed with Pakistan to resume a suspended loan..

Remains of 8,000 Nazi war victims found in Poland mass grave

A mass grave containing human ashes equivalent to 8,000 people has been discovered near a former Nazi concentration..

Ukraine cuts ties with N Korea after pro-Russia separatists recognition

Kyiv said Wednesday it was severing relations with North Korea, as Pyongyang confirmed it was formally recognising..

Police fire tear gas as thousands mob Sri Lanka PM’s office

Sri Lankan police fire tear gas to hold back thousands of demonstrators mobbing the prime minister’s office..