Dr. Saadat Husain
Dr. Saadat Husain
General Information
Dr. Saadat Husain
Economist and Researcher
Chairman, Bangladesh NGO Foundation.

Dr. Saadat Husain was born on November 24, 1946. He obtained his Ph.D. Degree in Economics from Boston University, USA, in 1987. His doctoral thesis was on Performance Evaluation of some Public Enterprises (Sugar Mills) in Bangladesh. He joined Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) in 1969. Before joining his first civil service position as the Sub-Divisional officer (SDO) of Jamalpur Sub-division in 1972, he received administrative training in the Civil Service Academy, Lahore and actively participated in the war of liberation of Bangladesh. He worked in important civil service positions including Director, Civil Officers Training Academy; General Manager, Bangladesh Krishi Bank; Director General Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD); Registrar, Co-operative Societies of Bangladesh; Director General, Bangladesh Television and Radio Bangladesh; Director General, BCS (Admin.) Academy, Joint Secretary (Export), Ministry of Commerce and Additional Secretary of Economic Relations Division (ERD), Government of Bangladesh. He was the Secretary, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Secretary of Internal Resources Division and Chairman, National Board of Revenue, Secretary, Primary and Mass Education, Secretary, Ministry of Education, Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs. He held the post of the Cabinet Secretary, the highest civil service position in the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Currently he is the chairman, Bangladesh NGO Foundation.

Dr. Saadat Husain has been actively involved in many socio-organizational activities. He was the Director, governing body of Grameen Bank; Chairman Bangladesh Cooperative Bank, Director, International Finance and Investment Company (IFIC); Founder-Chairman, Co-operative General Insurance and chairman Ansar-VDP Bank. He was a member, board of governors of Security and Exchange Commission, Bangladesh, Director, board of governors of Bangladesh Bank. At present he is chairman, Bangladesh NGO Foundation. He was the General Secretary, student government (union) of Salimullah Muslim Hall, Dhaka University. He is a life member and the President of Bangladesh Society for Training and Development (BSTD). He is a Wood Badge Scout. He was awarded the highest honour of scouting, the Silver Tiger for his outstanding contribution to scouting movement.

An experienced and reputed researcher, Dr. Husain worked on may research projects sponsored by international organisations. He produced academic articles and  research monographs, many of which were published in professional journals. He authored three books (one jointly). He is the chairman, editorial board of a professional journal in training discipline.

Dr. Husain participated in world conference on Social Development (Copenhagen 95), World Conference on Women (Beijing 95), World Conference on adult education (Hamburg 97) and world education conference (Senegal 2000). He participated in the UN General assembly and UNESCO general Conference, board meetings of such international bodies as ESCAP (Bangkok, Delhi), UNDP (Geneva), UNFPA (Geneva), UNESCO (2001) and special committee meetings of UNCTAD (Geneva), E-9 Countries (Pakistan, Brazil 2000). He led Bangladesh team in ADB’s annual conference (2004). He also attended many international seminars/workshops in capital cities of the world. Dr. Husain led Bangladesh delegations in series of international negotiations homes and abroad. He was the Vice-President of UN-TCDC in 1993-95.He visited USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, UAE, Iran, South Korea, Senegal and Brazil.

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