Moniruzzaman Miah
Moniruzzaman Miah

General Information
Former Vice-Chancellor of DU
University Academic

Full Name: Mohammad Moniruzzaman Miah

Affiliation: University of Dhaka

Current Position: Deceased

Date of Birth: Approximately 1935

Date of Death: June 13, 2016

Place of Birth: Murshidabad, India

Home District: Chapai Nnawabganj

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Mohammad Moniruzzaman Miah (Approximately 1935 – 13 June 2016) was a Bangladeshi academic. He served as the 20th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka from March 1990 until October 1992. He was awarded Ekushey Padak in 2004 by the Government of Bangladesh for his contribution to education.

Miah was born in Murshidabad, India. Later his family settled in Chapai Nawabganj district. He completed his Masters at Rajshahi University and started teaching at the then Jagannath College. In 1971 he went to France and took a higher degree. Returning to the country after five years, he joined the Department of Geography and Environment at Dhaka University.

In March 24, 1990, Miah became the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University. After the BNP government came to power in 1991, he served as the Vice-Chancellor till October 31, 1992. He was later made ambassador to Senegal during the BNP government. During the BNP-led four-party coalition government in 2001, Miah was first made Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission and later Chairman of the National Education Policy Formulation Committee, also known as the Moniruzzaman Miah Education Commission.

Miah never married his girlfriend out of love. His girlfriend committed suicide by jumping under the train due to a misunderstanding. This teacher has been ungrateful (Chirkumar) since then. This incident has a lasting effect on his life and never been married in his life. His over loved cat very much. He started petting cats to keep the memory of his lover. When he became the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, he still had many pet cats in the house of the Vice Chancellor of the University. These cats were his love ‍and memories of his slain lover.

Miah, known as a pro-BNP intellectual, has been in the public eye for a long time. He was suffering from Alzheimer's disease for a long time. For this reason he was not allowed to go out of the house.

Miah died on 13 June 2016 aged 81 at Square Hospital in Dhaka.

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