Salahuddin Zaki
Salahuddin Zaki

General Information
Film Director, Producer
Music Director, Film Lyricist

Full Name: Syed Salahuddin Zaki

Affiliation: Bangladesh Television

Current Position: Former Director General

Date of Birth: August 26, 1946

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Tangail

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Syed Salahuddin Zaki (born 26 August 1946) is a Bangladeshi a filmmaker, storyteller, screenwriter, dialogue writer, trainer and writer. He won the hearts of the audience with his first movie 'Ghuddi' (1980). Subarna Mustafa made her big screen debut through this movie. He won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Dialogue for the film Ghuddi (1980). He was awarded Ekushey Padak in 2021.

Zaki joined FDC as the Operative Director in 1981, and later served as the Director General of Bangladesh Television for 5 years from 1996. Zaki was also involved in the making of numerous telefilms, short films and popular television dramas. He was also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SATV for a few years.

Zaki directed the legendary romantic film “Ghuddi” back in 1980 that featured Raisul Islam Asad, Suborna Mustafa, and Nasiruddin Yousuff in lead roles. The film revolves round the protagonist Asad, a freedom fighter who struggles to get out of the trauma of war. He meets Ghuddi, played by Suborna Mustafa, at a film theatre and later falls in love. “Ghuddi” bagged two National Film Awards back in 1980. Zaki won the Best Screenplay title and Shafiqul Islam Swapan grabbed Best Cinematography.

Apart from 'Ghuddi', Zaki made 'Lal Benarsi' with Alamgir and Rozina and 'Aina Bibi Pala' with Ilyas Kanchan and Anju Ghosh.

Now Zaki is spending his time training in writing and film.

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