Qamrul Hassan Bhuiyan
Qamrul Hassan Bhuiyan

General Information
Freedom Fighter, Writer & Researcher
Writer, Researcher

Full Name: Major Qamrul Hassan Bhuiyan (Retd.)

Affiliation: Bangladesh Army

Current Position: Deceased

Date of Birth: July 24, 1952

Date of Death: August 06, 2018

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Comilla

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Qamrul Hassan Bhuiyan (born 24 July 1952 – 06 August 2018) was a retired Major in the Bangladesh Army. He was a heroic freedom fighter, liberation war researcher and writer. He has been the Chairman of the Center for Liberation War Studies. He received the Bangla Academy Award in 2016 for his contribution to the liberation war literature.

Qamrul was born in Comilla district. He studied at Jessore District School and Jhenaidah Cadet College. When he was an HSC candidate in Jhenaidah Cadet College, he was called to the liberation war. He joined Sector 2 of the Liberation War as a young mass fighter. The two legends of the Liberation War, Major Khaled Musharraf and Captain Hider were side by side in the golden days of the Liberation War. Along with the heroic warriors of 1971, he has sharpened himself with a deep sense of patriotism. Although he was selected in the Bangladesh Army in 1972, he joined the Army on 9 January 1974 due to the delay in the establishment of the Bangladesh Military Academy and was commissioned in the 4th East Bengal Regiment in the Army on 11 January 1975. Qamrul graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University in 1983 with a master's degree in Chinese Language. He then voluntarily retired from the army on 12 July 1996, while in the rank of Major.

Qamrul has served as chairman of the Center for Liberation War Studies, a research institute. Among his published books are 23 on liberation war, 1 book on military history and 3 children's books. Notable among these are books on the Liberation War:

  • People's warrior of people's war
  • I will return victorious or I will not return
  • Sector 2 and K Force Commander-Khaled (Edited)
  • Daughters of Ekattar, Jaya, Janani
  • Incentives towards the flag
  • Contribution of children and adolescents in the war of liberation
  • Diary of Ekattar

Qamrul died at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) of Dhaka on 6 August 2018. He was suffering from diabetes and kidney related complications.

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