Nuruddin Mahmud Kamal
Nuruddin Mahmud Kamal

General Information
Former Chairman of PDB

Full Name: Nuruddin Mahmud Kamal

Affiliation: Government of Bangladesh

Current Position: Deceased

Date of Birth: 1940

Date of Death: December 03, 2022

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Feni

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Nuruddin Mahmud Kamal (1940 – 03 December 2022) was an eminent geologist, former additional secretary and a brave freedom fighter of Bangladesh. He was appointed as 18th Chairman of Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) from July 1996 to May 1999.  

Kamal was born in Daganbhuiya upazila of Feni district. His father's name is Nurul Huda and mother's name is Ankurer Nessa. He was rich in freedom fighter family members. He was the elder brother of former air force chief Air Vice-Marshal Sultan Mahmud (Retd.), BU and Impress Telefilm’s director Zahiruddin Mahmud Mamun.

In the Great Liberation War of 1971, the brave freedom fighter Kamal took part in Sector No. 3. He was a freedom fighter certified by General Ataul Gani Osmani, the chief commander of the liberation war.

Kamal, personally worked at the level of Geologist, Freedom Fighter, Deputy Chief of Planning Commission, Joint Secretary and Additional Secretary to the Government. There is ample reason to doubt whether Bangladesh's energy sector would have reached its current stage without him. His academic subject was Geology, which he studied and played an indirect role in taking the energy sector of Bangladesh to a unique level by combining theoretical concepts with his country. It was during his tenure that the first private sector investment in power generation began and he played a key role in the construction of the country’s first barge mounted power plant.

Awaiting the sunrise of independence, Kamal participated in the liberation war and was eager to build the nation, which he got by joining the Planning Commission of Bangladesh as Deputy Head of Power and Natural Resources Department. He never wanted to unduly project himself as a heroic freedom fighter, but many of those with whom he was on the battlefield in that adventurous life led the nation in the post-independence period and Kamal took his full opportunity - never for himself but to establish the energy sector in the country.

Kamal breathed his last at 9:20 pm on Saturday, December 3 at Square Hospital in the capital.

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