Delwar Hossain
Delwar Hossain

General Information
Former MP

Full Name: Md. Delwar Hossai

Affiliation: Bangladesh Awami League

Current Position: Deceased

Date of Birth: 1955

Date of Death: January 12, 2023

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Barguna

Constituency: 109, Barguna-1

Term: First (8th-2001)

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Delwar Hossain (1955 - 12 January 2023) was a Bangladeshi politician, a Heroic Freedom Fighter and former Member of Parliament represented Barguna 1 (Amtali, Taltali and Barguna Sadar) constituency. He was elected to parliament from Barguna-1 as an independent candidate in 2001.

Hossain was born in Gabtali village of Ayala-Patakata union of Barguna Sadar upazila. He completed his graduation in 1979.

Hossain participated in the 1969 uprising as a student and has been associated with student politics ever since. He participated in the great liberation war of 1971 while still a student. He was the President of Barguna District Chhatra League from 1977 to 1981. In 1983, he was elected as the Chairman of Ayala-Patakata Union Parishad of Sadar Upazila. He received the state award as a successful chairman in 1987. In 1990, he resigned from the post of union parishad chairman and participated in the upazila parishad elections and win as a chairman.

In 2001, Hossain was elected as a member of parliament as an independent candidate from Barguna-1 constituency as he did not seek party nomination in the 8th National Parliament election. Later he returned to Awami League. Then he was elected chairman in Barguna Zilla Parishad elections held in 2016. He served this duty till October 23, 2022.

Hossain died of kidney disease on 12 January 2023, at the age of 67.

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