Nurjahan Begum
Nurjahan Begum

General Information
Former Member of Parliament
Lawyer, Politics

Full Name: Nurjahan Begum Mukta

Affiliation: Bangladesh Awami League

Current Position: Former Member of Parliament

Date of Birth: December 01, 1965

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Chandpur

Constituency: 342, Reserved Women Seat-42

Term: First (10th-2014)

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Nurjahan Begum Mukta (born 01 December 1965) is a Bangladeshi lawyer, Bangladesh Awami League politician and former Member of Parliament for the reserved women's seat 42 in the Tenth National Assembly (2014-2018). She was elected "Member of Parliament" on 19 March 2014 along with 47 other members elected for the first time to the 50 reserved seats for women in the National Parliament.

Mukta was born at the village Saisila in Hajiganj of Chandpur district. She completed her higher secondary level from Chandpur. Later she was admitted to the law department of Dhaka University and obtained her Honors and Master’s Degree. Her father Abu Zafar Mohammad Mainuddin was also a lawyer and politician and became a Member of Parliament at the first parliament election of Independent Bangladesh in 1973. He was an activist of 6 Points movement, Language Movement of 1952, actively participated at the liberation war and helped reconstructing the post-war liberated country.

Mukta became an activist of Bangladesh Chhatra League since her student life. She was the General Secretary of Shamsunnahar Hall committee of the student unit while studying at Dhaka University. She played an important role in organizing the then unorganized committee of the Chhatra League Hall Committees. Later, she became an executive member of the central (Sultan-Rahman) committee of the Chhatra League and participated at the 1990 Mass Uprising in Bangladesh movement.

As a grass-root level politician Mukta has been honored with a number of port-folios like Law Secretary of Hajiganj Upazilla Awami League, Women Secretary of Chandpur Jubo Mohila League, President of Chandpur Mohila Awami League and International Affairs Secretary of Central Mohila Awami League.

Mukta was selected for the first time as a member of the parliament at the 10th National Parliament from the constituent seat 42 on March 19, 2014. As a parliamentarian she was outspoken on some vital issues like surgical problems of women, problems of carrying huge books by kids, food safely etc.

Mukta served as Assistant Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. In 2010, she was appointed as the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal. Prior to this, when the Awami League president was arrested at the one-eleven government, she worked with AL President’s legal team.

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