Alamgir Kabir
Alamgir Kabir

General Information
Former State Minister

Full Name: Alamgir Kabir

Affiliation: Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)

Current Position: Former State Minister

Date of Birth: January 01, 1948

Place of Birth: Bangladesh

Home District: Naogaon

Constituency: 51, Naogaon-6

Term: Fourth (5th-1991, 6th-1996 February, 7th-1996, 8th-2001)

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Alamgir Kabir (born 1 January 1948) is a Bangladesh Nationalist Party politician and a Former Member of Parliament representing the Naogaon-6 (Atrai-Raninagar) constituency. He also served as the state minister of Housing & Public Works and Women & Children Affairs.

Kabir was elected to parliament from Naogaon-6 (Atrai-Raninagar) as a Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) candidate in 1991, 1996 (February), 1996 and 2001. In 2007, he was sued for patronizing Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, an Islamist terror organization. He was nominated by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party to contest the 11th Jatiya Sangshad elections from Naogaon.

In March 2014, ACC sued Kabir for corruption charges.

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