Country in extreme uncertainty

We are supposed to move forward swiftly in the independent Bangladesh, whereas the country is in extreme uncertainty due to political unrest. There is no security of the lives and property of the people. Already the government has lost control over many districts. The district commissioners are afraid over the insecurity of their lives. The banks also are not secured. And the elected prime minister is saying, ‘I shall form anti-terrorist committee and citizen safety centre. You will inform me about the terrorists.’

It clearly states that she is not living in the reality. As if the whole state machinery has collapsed and Nero is playing flute.Noted columnist Farhad Mazhar made the observation on a talk show titled ‘Tritiyo Matra’ on a private TV channel, Channel i, on Thursday night. Former secretary and Awami League advisory committee member Muhammad Zahir also took part in the show anchored by Zillur Rahman.In response to a query of the anchor, Farhad Mazhar said, “We have to detect the root of the problems. We are not nurturing democratic principles. Please, ensure the democratic and civic rights of every citizen. Let the opposition hold their demonstrations. Then you (government) say, ‘We will not allow any destructive activities.’ Then the police will also perform their duty as per law.”

He also said, “We have to abide by some minimum principles. Jamaat or Shibir was not ideologically acceptable to the people of Bangladesh. They were not acceptable to me also. The crimes they committed against humanity hurt our minds. Why this cadre-based party is now being popular although they are detached from public? The reason is our judiciary has collapsed. The International Crimes Tribunal reflects that. People are suspecting that the government is not sincere to hold the trial. Activities like providing government support to the young generation as they took to streets after the verdict against Abdul Quader Mollah was delivered, highlighting the issue in some medias as a mass uprising and chanting slogans demanding death penalty have cast a negative impact over the people. In this context when Jamaat-Shibir started violent demonstrations people opted for their side.”Referring to the adverse impact of hartal, the burning of the national flag and destruction of Shaheed Minar, he said, “It’s not right to damage someone’s personal property. But it’s of no to condemn BNP or Jamaat because the entire nation has been split into two. What’s the logic behind the police firing on BNP’s demonstration on 6 March? We all have to abide by democratic norms. By playing an impartial role, mass media and civil society could lead the country to a disciplined path, but they didn’t. Some think the identity of Bangalee to be more important while some others give more importance to religious identity. But the state will have to show respect for both identities.”

About Jamaat-Shibir’s attack on police, he said, “The constitution of Bangladesh is not democratic anymore after the fifteenth amendment to the constitution. Bangladesh must formulate a democratic constitution. When you will say that lawmakers, the executive power and even the judiciary do not have the power to violate the political, democratic and human rights, I am sure, police will start behaving only then.”

Source Courtesy: Daily Sun