Armed forces pay committee submits recommendations

The Armed Forces Pay Committee 2013 on Thursday submitted its recommendations to the finance minister, AMA Muhith, advising for a 100 per cent in pay hike for the soldiers. The eight-member committee led by Lt General Anwar Hossain made the recommendations with the highest pay of Tk 80,000 and lowest Tk 8,200, respectively. The committee also proposed fixed pay of Tk 1,00,000 for a General and Tk 88,000 for a Lt General officer. There are 16 grades incorporated in the recommendations. Muhith told reporters that there should be some stabilities in between payments to the civil servants and members of the armed forces divisions. The 8th National Pay and Service Commission on December 21 had submitted its recommendations for pay hike of the public servants. Muhith said the government was planning to implement the pay hike from July.

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