Govt increases launch, passenger vessel fares by 30pc

Bangladesh government on Tuesday increased the fares of diesel-run passenger vessels by 30 per cent.

According to a circular issued by the shipping ministry on the day the fare will be effective immediately from the same day.

The fares of passenger vessels was increased to Tk 3.00 a kilometre from Tk 2.30 for the first 100 kilometres and to Tk 2.60 a kilometre from Tk 2 for over 100 kilometres, said the circular.

The minimum launch fares have been increased to Tk 33 a kilometre from Tk 25.

Earlier the Bangladesh Inland Waterways (Passenger Carrier’s) Association urged the government to increase the fares of passenger vessels by 100 per cent.

The government on August 6 increased the fares of diesel-run buses up to 22 per cent under different services after the government on August 5 evening had revised the prices of fuel oils at the consumer level, raising the prices of petrol, diesel, octane and kerosene by almost 50 per cent.

On November 7, 2021, the government lastly increased the fares of passenger vessels.

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