Low-lying areas in Khulna flooded as embankment collapses

Low-lying areas in Paikgachha upazila headquarter in Khulna have been flooded following the collapse of an embankment due to tidal surges on Sunday.

Bangabandhu Chattar, kitchen market area and some other low-lying areas were inundated, causing sufferings to local residents.

The front part of the newly constructed town protection embankment collapsed due to tidal surges caused by depression in the Bay of Bengal.

Local people alleged under the supervision of the Paikgachha Municipal Authority, the dam was constructed in Charbharati area of the River Shibsha in an unplanned manner to protect the municipality from flooding which was inaugurated on April 23 this year.

In just a few days, fish farming started inside of the dam.

A number of trees of the afforestation project implemented around the vast area of Shibshar’s Charbharati started to die as the water cannot recede due to construction the embankment, they said.

Paikgachha upazila nirbahi officer Momtaz Begum directed the local municipality to remove the dam. As the dam was not removed, eventually it could not withstand the extra pressure of the tidal surges in Shibshar.

However, Paikgachha Water Development Board assistant engineer Md Raju Howlader said they had not built any embankment in Shibshar. That was not approved by the Bangladesh Water Development Board. So they are aware of the dam collapse.

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