Bangladesh spends TK5.34 lakh per cadet college student a year: minister

Education minister Dipu Moni on Thursday said that the Bangladesh government had been spending Tk 5.34 lakh per student of a cadet college every year.

The minister gave this information in Parliament in response to a tabled question of AL MP Mozaffar Hossain.

The minister said that the government allocation of cadet colleges in the last financial year was Tk 197.59 crore.

Currently, 3,700 students study in cadet colleges. Accordingly, the per capita annual government expenditure of students studying in cadet colleges is Tk 5, 34, 043.

The minister said that the allocation of educational expenses of students of public and private institutions from the secondary and higher education department is done in a coordinated way, so the educational expenses of students of public and private institutions are not shown separately.

According to the education minister's information, the government's annual expenditure per student at the higher secondary level is Tk 50,512.

In the financial year 2021-22, against 33.14 lakh students of this level, the allocation was Tk 16,167 crore.

Against 3.45 lakh students in post-secondary non tertiary level, government allocation is Tk 707 crores. Annual cost per student is Tk 20,489.

At the tertiary level, against 38.12 lakh students, the allocation was Tk 7,807 crore. As such, the annual cost of the government is Tk 20,478.

The minister said that the annual per capita income gap of government, private and cadet college students is gradually decreasing due to increasing efficiency and dynamism in budget management and good governance, equity and accountability in education management.

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