Prison preparing for execution

Says law minister; family meets Kamaruzzaman; confusion over review, mercy petition remains.

First day of Jamaat hartal peaceful

The first day of 48-hour countrywide strike enforced by Jamaat-e-Islami protesting the death sentence of its assistant secretary general Muhammad Kamaruzzaman for his war crimes is progressing without any major incidents today.

Village of widows

Sohagpur victims wait to see Kamaruzzaman punished.

No escape

SC upholds death penalty for Kamaruzzaman; review scope still debatable.

DEATH for Jamaat's 'moneyman'

Mir Quasem taunts tribunal as it hands him maximum punishment on 2 war crimes charges.

SC upholds Kamaruzzaman’s death

The Supreme Court today upheld the death penalty to war criminal Muhammad Kamaruzzaman for one charge but commuted the highest penalty to life term imprisonment for another charge.

Khaleda terms Hasina ‘neo-Hitler’

The BNP chairperson said if her party and alliance came to power the recruitment of Bangladeshi manpower in the middle-East would be reopened.She said that the Awami League would not be able to do it as it had no good relation with Muslim world.Khaleda criticised the government’s claim of success in electricity saying there was no electricity in the country on Saturday.During about one-hour speech, Khaleda accused the government of making the judiciary partisan and urged the judges not to give judgements looking at face and party.